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About Sedona

Sedona is a magical place on this planet that many spiritually-inclined people are called upon to seek out.


Sedona’s history goes back hundreds of millions of years, as an ancient inland sea evaporated, leaving behind iron-rich sandstone permanently imprinted with electromagnetic energy from the swirling sea currents over millions of years until sun, wind, erosion and life itself shaped the primordial sea floor into a stunning arena for healing to occur. Indigenous Native American tribes in the surrounding areas have long regarded Sedona as sacred. The area is the home of the Yavapai-Apache, who hold that the Great Spirit Mother gave birth to the entire human race in an area known today as Boynton Canyon.

Sedona has now become a city of mystics and psychics, (art and crystal) dealers and (sound and energy) healers, and people the world over are drawn to the area for its famed metaphysical and spiritual properties as one of the world’s hottest spots for New Age consciousness. And having been formerly a part of Mexico and named after the wife of a Swiss man, I feel right at home here as a Mexican woman with a Swiss husband.

Sedona has a special quality to it that is unlike anywhere else on Earth. You just have to experience it for yourself. If you are planning on making a visit, please let me know, I would love to meet you.

Debbie Cutler

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