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Monochord Chair

Monochord Singing Chair is handcrafted in Germany and enables an exceptional full-body experience of sound, vibration, and sound massage. It effectively supports your therapeutic work bringing joy and delight.

At the beginning of a session, you’ll sit comfortably with your spine aligned against the high wooden back, feet on the floor, while I play (and may chant occasionally) the back of the chair. 

People report experiencing deep relaxation, release of tension, feeling vibrations moving throughout your body.

Because a lot of tension has often been released by this brief healing experience, you will then move to experiencing the sound of other instruments such as rattles, drums, happy drums, Tibetan Bowls, etc., for the remainder of the session.

Although Monochord chairs are a fairly recent addition to the sound healing world, the Monochord is actually an ancient musical instrument which consisted of one string (mono) stretched over a hollow sound box held taut by small pegs at each end of the box on a moveable bridge. History tells us that the Monochord was invented in ancient Greece around 500 BC. And was used by Pythagoras as an instrument to study and determine musical intervals. In the 11th Century it was often used for tuning organs.

The original Monochord could be plucked, hit or played with a bow. The Monochord chair does actually have more than one string, 25 in total, with each one tuned to the same note and is generally played by hand. 

Note: Monochord Chair is used as an instrument for the 60 minutes Sound Bath session and as a tool at the beginning of a sound therapy session.

SVHT services do not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult an appropriate health care professional.

Information provided has not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization, including the FDA. 
We can legally say that the treatments do provide relaxation and stress relief, which has been shown to be a contributor to most issues emotionally and physically.

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