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Energy Enhancement System
We're proud to be a 

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Suggested time: 2 hours per session      

We offer 10% discount to UNIFYDTV Members with proof of membership, and Veterans/current Military with ID card.

Price is $35 per hour. 
Price for children 12 and under is $25 per hour.
Price for your well-behaved pet is $17 per hour, on top of the $35 per adult.

The Energy Enhancement System, which combines synergistic body-mind-spirit and science to help your body and mind achieve optimal performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualization. This is achieved via scalar technology. Scalar Energy is a subtle energy that produces healing frequencies that can be harnessed.

The scalar waves produced allow the brain to create meaning, coherence and order between what is going on in the outer world and the inner world.

The brain gathers and integrates all information through its five sensory pathways. When the brain is active, conscious and aware, it goes into a Beta brainwave pattern which brings attention to the outer environment. When one’s focus brings awareness to the inner environment, the brain switches its waves to a slower pattern known as Alpha, a state which allows the brain to pause and start to notice inner thoughts while the inner world becomes more real than the outer world. Here, the brain disconnects from the sensory outer world and focuses on the inner world. This is where the EES does its energetic work and brings a healing focus to all the cells in the body.


The EES facilitates an environment where the body self-regulates and allows for homeostasis, and the lengthening of telomeres which provide the longevity of body cells. Thus, the body is creating the environment to heal itself. This allows you to achieve maximum potential by recharging your energy and cellular vitality.

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What can the System do for you?

In short, the EESystem can create better mental health, relief from severe pain, natural well-being and rejuvenation, reverse dis-ease and aging, recharge the cells of your body, balance neuro-emotional and body-mind health.

You may experience increased energy, improved mental clarity. ... and more!

It is truly revolutionary. Come experience yourself as a whole and healthy being.

For your session you may want to consider:

- Wearing comfortable, loose clothes.

- Bring water or your favorite non-alcoholic drink (caffeine free).

- Socks

- Your own blanket or towel if you're coming with your pet.

NOTE: The use of cell phones is not permitted. If you bring your phone to the session, please make sure to have it set on airplane mode or fully turned off.

Recommendation after the session:

See the chart below for the recommended foot bath.

Please note that each time slot is open for up to 7 people in the same room.  If you are planning to visit with someone else or a group, each person needs to make an individual reservation. Staff members appear as "Chair" (1 through 7), meaning one chair per individual. There are NO assigned chairs, it doesn't matter what chair number you pick.


When you purchase a package, you're welcome to share your hours with friends and family as long as you're present during the session. Packages have NO expiration dates.

Do you want to improve your EE System experience?

We're now offering the following "A la Carte" Services.

PLEASE make sure to request which service you'd like to have under the message box when you book your appointment. 

Note: Additional services not requested ahead of time are not guaranteed to be available.

Foot Bath is only available for 2 people at the same time.

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