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Brainwave Assessment

Detailed clinical research studies show that when binaural beats are tuned to you, they are much more effective.

You will be listening to each of the 12 notes and rhythms that will be played for you. You will tune into which one makes you the most peaceful and calm.   

You will receive via email the corresponding downloads to listen to at appropriate times throughout the day to get your brain back to a stable, consistent peaceful state.

60 MINUTES I $125

Binaural beats are created when two tones are detuned from each other by a small amount. When you have two speakers playing the two different frequencies simultaneously, the two sounds cancel each other out as they physically meet in space. For example, if you have 100 hertz and 102 hertz you will hear the difference in tone of 2 hertz. And, because this is in the frequency range of Delta, it will entrain our brain into that brainwave state, normally within one minute. The science on this is well proven. If you hook up an EEG unit to your brain (which picks up brainwave frequencies), you will see the brain synchronize to the rhythm.


This has opened up an entire field of brainwave entrainment CD’s (just do a search on the web for “binaural beats”). The Monroe Institute calls it Hemisync. Centerpointe calls it Holosync. You will find 100’s of songs with binaural beats on YouTube.  However again, they are much more effective when tuned to you.


DELTA (.5 – 3.5 cycles per second)

This is the frequency that your brain vibrates at when you are in deep sleep. Deep sleep is a very powerful state — it is when we are directly connected to Source being regenerated. Therefore, these frequencies can be used to help you to get to sleep and to sleep throughout the night. They can also be used to give you needed rest without having to go into complete sleep. Delta is also associated with deep meditative states so it can also be used to entrain you into a state of deep peace.


THETA (3.5 – 7 cycles per second)

This is the frequency your brain goes into when dreaming. This could also be daydreaming. It is actually a very creative state where people often receive downloads or other creative inspiration. Therefore, it can be used before doing any type of creative brainstorming or artistic endeavors. Theta is also a state that you go into when listening to the Shaman’s drumming in Journey Work.


ALPHA (7-13 cycles per second)

Alpha is relaxed attention. It is the ideal state for learning and sports. It is also a very creative state, particularly when problem solving intuitively versus mentally. It is a very powerful state that can be extremely helpful for better concentration.  It can also help with memory loss.


BETA (13-20 cycles per second)

Beta is our normal day to day waking consciousness, especially when doing mental processing such as studying, thinking about your schedule, figuring out anything, or reading this text. The main type of ADD/ADHD is where the brain doesn’t go fast enough to access Beta. Therefore, they commonly prescribe speed. However, you can simply listen to binaural beats and entrain the brain into Beta to overcome ADD/ADHD with no side effects.


GAMMA (> 20 cycles per second)

Gamma shows up when in a high state of meditation and is associated with a state of bliss.


Left/Right Brain Synchronization

Whenever we listen to any rhythm, whether it is any drum beat or rhythm in music, the breath of a purring cat, a washing machine, or the slow oscillation of a crystal bowl — we can be entrained into a specific brainwave state associated with that rhythm. However, when you wear headphones, you get a second benefit. When you listen to one sound in the left ear it goes to the right brain. The sound in the right ear goes to the left brain. The brain then connects the two frequencies across the Corpus Callosum — the part of the brain that normally functions to connect the two sides of the brain.

When the left and right brain are synchronized this is our optimal state. Most people are rarely in a state of left/right brain synchronization, so it is quite incredible to be able to access this state almost immediately simply by listening to binaural beats on headphones.

The Benefits

Peace is the key benefit. 
When your brain and nervous system are vibrating consistently at their own natural rhythm, Peace Ensues.

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