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About Debbie

My story began in Mexico City, where I was born to two medical doctors. My father was a well-respected gastro surgeon and my mother was a general practitioner, so I was conditioned to believe that health was only found through medical science, prescriptions, and surgeries.

My natural talents for planning and organizing took me into a career in corporate public relations and event planning, founding Grupo Casttler, my company offering large-scale events planning and coordination.

Cutler vs Clutter, a professional organization service, followed after moving to Houston, Texas in 1998, and I also founded Scriptum Language Service, offering translating services. My life during those years was full of stress managing massive events, facilitating corporate communications, and bringing order to people’s chaotic homes, but I managed. That is, until my father passed away in 2003, just a few months before I gave birth to my daughter. Between the pregnancy and losing my father, all my suppressed emotions were suddenly unleashed, and the stress I had so dutifully subdued became unbearable, causing my health to decline significantly.

With the conventional medical approach I was raised to revere now failing me, I began to seek out alternative approaches to regain my health. And through Reiki, Zero Balancing, Sound Therapies and Naturopathic protocols, I experienced a profound recovery and even met the love of my life. My goal soon became to carry that positive energy forward and help others restore their health as I did. 

Of all the healing modalities I experienced, sound was the therapy that connected most with my own inner gifts, and helped me not only feel better, but allowed me to experience the process of grieving my father’s loss and let go of the pain and sadness I carried with me for such a long time. With my stuck emotions freed through sonic vibrations, my body was likewise freed to restore itself to its natural state of health. So upon learning and being trained to practice sound healing therapy, I felt guided to offer my services through a business I created called Bridging Frequencies.

After several years of operating out of Houston, I now live and work in Sedona, Arizona with my beloved husband and five beautiful pets. Sacred Vortex Holistic Therapies is the new banner under which I seek to expand my offerings from sound and light therapy to reiki, and holistic chakra balancing. I now invite you to follow the guidance that got you here and reach out to me to support you in your healing journey. I would love to work with you!


Photography by Heber Lopez


About Renald

Renald has practiced naturopathy since 1990. He is originally from Switzerland and has lived and traveled in many different countries, learning French, German and Spanish along the way. Getting his MBA in International Business from Thunderbird allowed him to travel to all corners of the globe. It was during his travels that he became interested in diet and ancient knowledge about nutrition and its role in the body.

In 1990, he started the Desert Oasis Wellness Center in San Diego mainly to give  executives a place to unwind from  stress. Therapies included, yoga, tai-chi, acupressure, acupuncture, flotation tanks, massage, herbs, nutritional counseling and weekend workshops. During this time period, he received his Holistic Health Degree from The College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA. In moving the wellness concept to Houston in 2005, he has concentrated his knowledge and experience on a more therapeutic level, bringing about the synergy of ancient traditional medicine with modern scientific research.

Naturopathy and holistic health practitioners focus on seeing the uniqueness in each person, since no two persons are alike, one cannot treat them alike.

So a great deal goes into getting a complete health history in order to find the piece of the puzzle causing the problem. It’s a challenge, but the favorable success rate in helping alleviate health problems and practicing preventive nutrition is supremely important.  As such, he focuses his abilities in helping both children and adults (with an occasional four legged one from time to time) with herbs, minerals, nutritional supplements, homeopathy and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

He learned that balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. If you spend any time during the day in a fatigued state, then something is not right in your body. When a person comes to see him, they first discuss all related past and current physical and emotional issues. He then studies any kind of medical/blood test results that might allow me to “look” inside the body and its systems.

After that, he proceeds by doing his own muscle testing of all tissues, systems and organs in the body. This muscle testing, known as QRA or Quantum Reflex Analysis, was developed by a medical doctor in the 1960’s, and proved to accurately tell where there are imbalances of organs, tissues and systems in the body. With those three components, he is able to come up with a recommended program for you to follow. You decide whether you wish to follow the recommended protocol and he will support you and be there for you throughout.

Renald has used naturopathy to successfully support many people with diseases of the auto-immune system, chronic fatigue, ADD/ADHD, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety.

By assisting with nutritional support for the body, Renald also offers tips on sleeping habits and is especially knowledgeable about a wide range of herbs.  Lastly, his nutritional counseling can help anyone be more alert, robust and disease-free.

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Photography by Heber Lopez

About Sedona

Sedona is a magical place on this planet that many spiritually-inclined people are drawn to seek out. Surrounded by beige desert for miles, coming into Sedona makes a strong impression with its massive richly-hued red-orange stone formations dramatically rising into the heavens from a sea of verdant vegetation below. And at over 4,000 feet, the sky is often such a deep blue that it feels like you can touch it. The striking contrast between the blues of the sky, the reddish orange of the earth, and the green of the plant life makes simply being in Sedona a form of color therapy which many find deeply soothing simply to gaze upon.


Sedona’s history goes back hundreds of millions of years, as an ancient inland sea evaporated, leaving behind iron-rich sandstone permanently imprinted with electromagnetic energy from the swirling sea currents over millions of years until sun, wind, erosion and life itself shaped the primordial sea floor into a stunning arena for healing to occur. Indigenous Native American tribes in the surrounding areas have long regarded Sedona as sacred. The area is the home of the Yavapai-Apache, who hold that the Great Spirit Mother gave birth to the entire human race in an area known as Boynton Canyon. 


Sedona is today a city of mystics and psychics, (art and crystal) dealers and (sound and energy) healers, and people the world over are drawn to the area for its famed metaphysical and spiritual properties as one of the world’s hottest spots for New Age consciousness. And having been formerly a part of Mexico and named after the wife of a Swiss man, I feel right at home as a Mexican woman with a Swiss husband. Sedona has a special quality to it that is unlike anywhere else on Earth. You just have to experience it for yourself.


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