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Chakra Alignment

The word chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”, and indeed chakras are vortices of energy along the spine, representing nodal points, or areas of convergence, where the prana/chi/qi/life force energy not only flows, but condenses and takes on significance as portals to experiencing and regulating various aspects of our psyche and physiology.

30 MINUTES l $80

60 MINUTES l $125

There are seven chakras and each one corresponds to a specific function and has an associated gland it governs as well as a color of light and sound frequency that resonates with it. By utilizing therapeutic tools including light, sound, aromas, mantras, meditations, and exercises, the chakras can be activated, aligned, and opened so as to facilitate greater flow of energy into and through them. This optimizes their function as gatekeepers of the vital energies that govern and regulate every aspect of our lives.

It is important to regularly cleanse the body’s energy field (aura) to maintain radiant health and well-being before any negative symptoms arise, just as it’s important to bathe regularly, and not wait for an infection to clean the body. Chakra balancing is the best way to facilitate this cleansing process.  Sessions start with a thorough assessment to determine which Chakra(s) is/are out of balance by using our Voice Analyzing System (*), and then proceed with a combination of tuning forks, crystals and lights (**) to activate, align, and harmonize each chakra in a deeply restorative yet energizing treatment that will leave you feeling fully present and engaged with life.

(*) Voice Analyzing System

Based on Detailed Research, the Voice Analysis system is based on more than 2 decades of research. Over many years of doing voice analyses on people with different issues, patterns of frequencies became apparent. Missing or low frequencies correspond to specific weaknesses in organs and body systems, as well as emotions. Higher frequencies correspond to backup systems and inflammation or infection.

Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis, “Every frequency is a nutrient.” All the parts of the body down to the cellular level, including emotions, function at different frequencies. An imbalance in these frequencies can lead to an imbalance in an organ, body system or mental state. The more balanced the energy, the more balanced, efficient and energetic you are.

The Assessment
You speak into a microphone and the computer analyzes what notes you sing as you speak. Everybody sings when they speak. A healthy person hits all the notes of the scale when they sing as they speak. A person who is dying stays on only one note as they speak… because they don’t have enough energy to make to the other notes.

The software then analyzes the sound of your voice to see what notes are missing, what notes are too high, and what Chakra(s) is/are out of balance.

(**) Light Therapy

Sacred Vortex Holistic Therapies began with light therapy and a profound belief in the power of light to heal. I utilize the advanced PUREWAVE® Light Therapy device (used for this Chakra Balancing session), which incorporates seven extremely clear and highly polished Vogel quartz crystals hand-cut to a specific frequency and suspended over you, aligned with their corresponding chakra.

Once aligned, precisely-tuned powerful LED lights shine upon your body to cleanse, balance, and align the energy.

Lying face up with eyes closed and bathing in that energy, you are sure to experience a wave of relaxation and recalibration. Beneficially stimulating the immune system and cellular function, this therapy improves and alleviates a range of physical and psychological conditions. 


The overall effect is a feeling of deep peace and restoration, as if waking from a nice nap in the sun. Laying on this crystal light bed allows the energy body to align and balance itself. And many find it very helpful for achieving deeper states of meditation and “inner work”.


Some of the benefits are:

  • Improved health conditions

  • Feeling more energy and vitality

  • Reduction of stress, depression, migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, and tensions in the body

  • A deeper spiritual understanding of oneself, and life situations

  • Release of unconscious behaviors

  • And more.

NOTE: This session includes the use of tuning forks and crystals.

The 30-minute session does not include the Voice Analysis and crystals used will be generic, not specific.

SVHT services do not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult an appropriate health care professional.

Information provided has not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization, including the FDA. 
We can legally say that the treatments do provide relaxation and stress relief, which has been shown to be a contributor to most issues emotionally and physically.

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